Take control of your addresses with GeoMap: validate, parse, geocode, and gain socio-economic insights from any Australian address.

GeoMap is a web service that can be used to quickly and easily validate, parse, geocode or find socio-economic information on any Australian address. GeoMap uses official datasets from the Australian Government to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability when validating addresses, parsing addresses, and providing socio-economic information.

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Socio-Economic Information

For more information about these statistics, indexes and where they are drawn from, see the following page; or alternatively click on the header of each of the following indexes to find out more. Note: The scores are ranked from lowest/most disadvantaged (1) to highest/least disadvantaged (52611).

Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage (IRSD)

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IRSD Percentile (State):

Index of Relative Socio-Economic Advantage and Disadvantage (IRSAD)

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IRSAD Rank (Australia):

IRSAD Percentile (Australia):

IRSAD Rank (State):

IRSAD Percentile (State):

Index of Economic Resources (IER)

IER Score:

IER Rank (Australia):

IER Percentile (Australia):

IER Rank (State):

IER Percentile (State):

Index of Education and Occupation (IEO)

IEO Score:

IEO Rank (Australia):

IEO Percentile (Australia):

IEO Rank (State):

IEO Percentile (State):

Complete control over your addresses

GeoMap offers access to a web API in addition to an online address search interface, to make gaining insight from your addresses as simple as possible.

Address validation

GeoMap can be used to validate your customers’ addresses, allowing incorrect or malformed addresses to be quickly easily identified. Through this validation, customer segmentation, marketing, retention and engagement can be increased through ensuring all physical addresses are and stay correct.

Socio economic insights

Quickly get deep insights into your customers by bringing back socio-economic data at meshblock (30-60 households) level based on their address.

Bulk insights function

Sometimes you need to validate, geocode and gain insights on a set of addresses that are not operationalised. We make this easy. With our csv function you can process batches of addresses at time.

Address parsing

In addition GeoMap can parse raw unstructured address strings and return structured information about the address such as the associated building name, street number, street name, suburb, state and more. The parsed addresses can then be stored in a standardised format which can be more easily queried, navigated and searched.

Geocoding and reverse geocoding

GeoMap can be used to perform geocoding: translating raw unstructured address strings and converting them into precise geographic latitude and longitude coordinates. This geographic information can then be used view your customers addresses spatially, and interpret spatial relationships between them. GeoMap can also perform reverse geocoding: translating geographic latitude and longitude coordinates into structured addresses.

Power any type of application

As GeoMap offers access through the use of a web API, it can be used to power both your businesses web and mobile applications. As GeoMap offers access through the use of a web API, it can be used to power both your businesses web and mobile applications.

Reliable, powerful and accurate

GeoMap utilises the powerful PSMA Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) spatial dataset provided by the Australian Government; this dataset containing information about over 13 million different Australian addresses. In addition, GeoMap uses the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) dataset provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, to determine socio-economic information about a given address.